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Offline browser for

This project has been taken down because it hasn't been updated in a long time and it might violate the new terms of service for Please see

This is an offline browser for It has several different browsing modes, all of which will store pages compressed to the disk in a SQLite database for later retrieval even when there is no internet connection. If you've been to the page when you are online, you can get to it when you are offline.

The database size for everything in English can be several hundred MB and take quite some time to download. I haven't actually let the whole thing download yet, but in my testing it get's pretty big. It includes all images in the articles, cross references, footnotes and everything else that the online version has. It is just like using a normal web browser in most cases.

This latest version includes support for browsing two different language versions of in parallel. This requires that the secondary copy be already saved though. Also, search has been greatly improved. The back-button functionality has been improved to include remembering searches too.

Also, you can now enter any arbitrary link you'd like. While it should all download and save, this tool is only designed to allow working with So, if you enter a non-WOL link, please expect lots of errors. The reason I added this features is to allow pasting in of links from WOL that others may send you. You can also see what link you are currently at to send to others.

All feedback is welcome.

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